LDO Jumps 4%, BTC Maintains $27K: Market Watch

• Bitcoin jumped above $27,500 yesterday, but was stopped before it could challenge $28,000.
• Most altcoins are in the red, with LDO, LTC and TRX being exceptions.
• The bulls pushed BTC north and it quickly reclaimed a grand before taking down $27,000 by Monday.

Bitcoin Continues to Gain Momentum

Bitcoin (BTC) prices rose above $27,500 yesterday and were briefly stopped before reaching the $28k mark. Despite this minor setback, BTC continued to be on an uptrend and quickly regained its one-grand margin by Monday. Most altcoins remain in the red zone with only three exceptions: LDO, LTC and TRX.

Volatility Prompted By US CPI Announcements

The increased volatility of last week was prompted by the US CPI announcements on Wednesday which resulted in a massive price drop for bitcoin that hit a two-month low of $25,800 on Friday. However at this point the bulls stepped up and managed to prevent any further losses from occurring.

Conflux Top Performer Among Top 100 Coins

Conflux is today’s top performer among the top 100 coins with a notable double digit surge. This could be attributed to its recent launch of version 2 which has made many positive changes to its platform such as improved scalability and performance optimization as well as enhanced security features.

Market Outlook Moving Forward

It appears that the market looks bullish overall despite some slight bearishness among certain altcoins moving forward. With BTC continuing to trade at high levels investors may continue to flocking towards investments opportunities within crypto markets in order to capitalize on their potential growth over time.


Overall it appears that BTC is maintaining its strong hold above 27K while other altcoins are still struggling slightly against bearish trends in the market overall. It will be interesting to observe how further developments will shape up markets moving forward as more projects launch their upgraded versions or make improvements upon existing ones such as Conflux has done with V2 of their platform


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