Philippine Police Bust Crypto Scam, Rescues Over 1,000 Victims

• Philippine Police Bust Crypto Scam and rescued over 1,000 human trafficking victims.
• The victims were enticed by social media ads offering high-paying employment.
• 12 suspected ringleaders were arrested and will be charged with human trafficking.

Crypto Scam Busted in Philippines

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has recently busted a crypto scam and rescued over 1,000 human trafficking victims who were forced to work up to 18 hours a day for cryptocurrency scams. The 12 suspected ringleaders have been arrested by the authorities and will be charged with human trafficking, including seven Chinese nationals, four Indonesians, and a Malaysian.

Victims Enticed by Social Media Ads

According to reports from local media outlets, the victims accepted the job offers after they were lured by free flights and accommodation on social media ads that promised high-paying employment. However upon arrival their passports were confiscated and they were made to work up to 18 hours a day while their salaries were deducted for interacting with colleagues or taking extended breaks.

1,090 Victims Rescued

A total of 1,090 individuals have been rescued after being trafficked from various nations into this crypto scam operation as reported by Michelle Sabino – spokesperson of PNP anti-cybercrime group (ACG). Most of the victims are from Asia including Vietnam (389), China (307), the Philippines (171), Indonesia (143), Nepal (40), Malaysia (25), Myanmar (7), Thailand (5), Taiwan (2) & Hong Kong (1).

Suspects Charged with Human Trafficking

The 12 suspects who are believed to be operators of Colorful & Leap Group Co., have been arrested and will be charged with human trafficking according to PNP ACG spokesperson Michelle Sabino. All of them are currently under investigation for possible violations under Republic Act No 10364 otherwise known as the “Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act” which carries 6 to 20 years imprisonment plus fines depending on the gravity of the offense.

Police Takes Necessary Actions For Human Trafficking Victims

The PNP is also assisting all rescued victims in getting proper documentation such as passports or special visas issued by the Bureau of Immigration so that they can safely return back home without any difficulty. Furthermore they are also providing counseling services in order to help alleviate any trauma experienced during their captivity period due to this crypto scam operation


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